Eyefun’s strength is our experience and flexibility. We know what it takes to make digital communications work. We also know that your business must continue during digital development.

So we are always focused on our customers:

  • We do not build large and complex projects, but work incrementally
  • We can focus on a particular task, but we are also happy to work on a monthly retainer.
  • We always make clear agreements and clearly communicate results and costs.

In all our projects we use one or more of the following tools for customized solutions and campaigns, brand identity, storytelling, websites, online shops, e-mailing, landing pages, customer experience, etc.


Developing ideas that connect the objectives of organizations and the experience of audiences. Consistent and recognizable.


Design carries propositions, profiles and / or messages in an attractive way toward the audience. Be it in the form of a logo, corporate identity, resources or campaigns.

Copy / Story

Increasingly, advertising is blocked. People want experience, they want to identify with a compelling story. These stories already exist, we just need to find, record and present them.

Web development

Websites are the fulcrum of digital communication. Here conversion takes place of visitors who reach your site via campaigns and social media. Apps are actually websites too. A good website lives. It should continually adapt to actuality, technology, your target markets  and your ambitions.


Digital communication is largely about visualisation. Reading is done on the couch, on a screen or mobile we prefer visuals and infographics. Animated where possible. Visualisation helps getting your message across swiftly and attractively.


Eyefun is committed to quality. We provide technical maintenance of websites and tools. And training in using WordPress, writing for the web and social media. We like to enable our customers to be self sufficient.


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